Internet / Intranet Sites

Cupron Sales (www.cupronsales.com)

I'm Cupron's "web-monkey" whose job it is to solve any and all problems relating to one of the many websites that Cupron has.
For example, CupronSales.com, which runs off of Volusion e-commerce software, had no way of sending their orders to their warehouse in the United States. Using ASP.NET and XML, I created a script that pulls down all new orders from Volusion, checks for errors in the order, structures it into the necessary XML file, and sends it to their US warehouse.

The soon to be released CupronEurope.com and CupronIsrael.com had similar problems sending to their warehouse in Israel.  Attaching a program to their intranet site that I created, I used ASP.NET to create an inventory warehouse database that pulls off the orders from all non-US Cupron sales sites, and allows Cupron's inventory managers to fill the order, and notify the customer of their order status and tracking number.

Quote: "You are mine, all mine! Don't be surprised if any new clients have an unfortunate incident with the Border Guard that lands them behind bars for an extended period of time"

-Jamie Ben David
E-Commerce Director
Volunteer Israeli Border Policeman


JiveTel (www.jivetel.com)

Jivetel is a VOIP company located in New York.

While, I did not work on the website you see above, I created an intranet application which integrated JiveTel's billing system with their vendor's ordering system.

Simply put, I made an application which allows any of JiveTel's employees to fill in the order, check to make sure the telephone numbers requested are available, order it via their vendor's site, submit it to JiveTel's billing system, and charge the customers credit card, if applicable.

Since the original program, I have been asked to create several differenct modules that are being used by both the administration and clients of JiveTel.

FindNewDeals.com (www.findnewdeals.com)

Joel Bainerman asked me to create a website that will serve as a database for contacts throughout Israel to meet online to make business deals.

There are several different databases that a person can search and post to, including Private Investment, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate and more. The site includes a working demo for all visitors.

This site was programmed in ASP.NET, CSS, and JQuery.

Quote: "I was particularly impressed with the level of innovation and new ideas Michael came up with to improve the user-friendliness and key functions of my website. He went well beyond what I expected in delivering a top-notch website at a very reasonable price."

-Joel Bainerman
Founder, FindNewDeals.com


Sukkahmart.com.au (www.sukkahmart.com.au

This was a fun project which made me contemplate actually paying Mr. Levy for letting me do it.

My Levy is one of the few allowed by Australia to sell Lulavim & Esrogim for the holiday of Sukkos.

CactuShop is a nice ASP program which covered most of Mr. Levy's needs.  However, not all of them.  Design was not so important, since he had a customer base, however, there were many features that he needed added that CactuShop does not include.  One of them is a store-front "cash register", which ties in directly with Sukkahmart's inventory database.  This cash register, which allows the user to give discounts and sell other store items is written in ASP.NET and is fully integrated with the main CactuShop program.

Another set of features needed were the ability to combine products and sell them under on "combo product" which wouldmanipulate the inventory appropriately.  Another feature, is an Impulse Buy option, which goes through the person's order and then right before checking out, recommends other items to buy that are related to the ones currently beng purchased.

Users can pay for their purchases via PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, Visa and EFTPOS, via an SSL-encrypted checkout page.

Of course, there are many other features, but there's only so much space I have on this page.


I developed a CactuShop-based eStore for My Levy that will run in conjunction with the warehouses located throughout Europe and China.

I took the original code supplied by CactuShop and heavily edited it and incorporated it with a new ASP.NET-based administration section, which allowed the site to tell the difference between authorized wholesalers and everyday retailers.

Tax Reform Action Coalition (www.trac-il.org)

TRAC is Chicago's non-profit answer to high taxes.

Instead of relying on others to constantly update their static homepage, I was invited to create a site which could be easily administrated by TRACs board.

The site uses ASP.NET, CSS & Javascript.  It allows TRAC to upload images & newsletters, post articles, change their homepage at will, accept donations and memberhips.

Quote: "We'd be happy to make referrals to other organizations unless, of course, you don't need the 'we don't have much money' not-for-profits bugging you for work"

-Les Kniskern, TRAC

Davidson & Schiller (www.davidsonschiller.com)

This Immigration Law Firm in Chicago needed a website to not only introduce themselves to potential new clients, but also to keep them up to date on the latest new in immigration via newsletters written by each of the lawyers.

Through a backend administration section, the firm is able to change and update the site in several ways. Any firm member can edit Recent News Items, Breaking News, and email Newsletters to subscribers while maintaining a record in their database.

I designed and developed this site using Adobe Photoshop, Active Server Pages, Javascript, and an Access database.

JBSMusic.net (www.jbsmusic.net)

Julius Schmidt is a semi-professional composer and player.

I designed and programmed his site using ASP.NET & AJAX, which allows a user to purchase individual MP3 tracks, CDs, and sheetmusic, and pay via PayPal/Credit Card.

Julius is able to upload all his tracks whenever he wants through a back-end administration section and change any information from the site he needs to. He is also able to control his orders in order to track which needs to be shipped out and which has already.

After a purchase is made, the user is able to download his files immediately.

The Jewish Community Council of West Rogers Park (www.jccwrp.org)

The Jewish Community Council of WRP needed a simple site to display information regarding their organization. I used an online template, manipulated it to fit their needs, and voila! A simple site that delivers the information they need delivered.

Rine Photographics (www.rinephoto.com)

This Chicago-based photographer need a website to show potential new clients. I designed and developed the site using Active Server Pages and Photoshop.  The site allows Mr. Rine to upload and delete all his sample photos. 

Included, but currently not being used, is the ability for Mr. Rine to upload photos that would be contained in a Flash Introduction to his site.

Prime Grill Direct (www.primegrilldirect.com)

Prime Grill Direct and ABasketIsBorn were projects that were fairly completed by the time I arrived on the scene.  Both were using CactuShop software as their e-commerce tool. Extra editing needed to be done to the sites to make it usable, most notably the nearly complete re-write of the order processing code.

Frum.org (www.frum.org)

This is my personal website that has been around for several years, going through several design changes. Each week, over 320 subscribers receive Torah essays on different subjects in the Jewish religion, written by three 'columnists'.

Frum.org was created using ASP.NET with an Access database in the background. From the administration section, the writers can send out emails to their lists, update the site & upload wallpaper photos. Similarly, users can manage their account, manage which emails to receive, and what format to receive them in.

Yitzy's Catering (www.yitzys.com)

I designed and programmed this site in CSS for this Chicago-based caterer who needed a simple website to show what he's about. 

Special Care Inc. (click above images to magnify)

Special Care Inc. is a seven man company based in Chicago, which sells special clothing and medical devices to nursing homes throughout Illinois.  They needed an intranet program that would allow their sales and administration personel to keep track of all their clients, their orders, and all other necessary information.

Using Active Server Pages, Javascript, and Flash, we were able to create such a program, which also notifies each sales person when patients' prescriptions are about to run out.  The program also took the information from the database to print out the needed medical and order forms, saving hours of unnecessary paper work.

Design Access

As Lead Programmer for Design Access, I had the opportunity to work with Flash & Graphic Developers to develop intranet sites and training applications for clients such as W.W. Grainger, The American Lung Association, Abbott, Boise Office Products, ABN AMRO, The Internation College of Surgeons, and many more.  Hopefully, I'll be able to put up some screenshots in the future.