“I have worked with MANY web developers over the years and can honestly say that my experience with Michael has truly been the best by far than any other developer I have worked with.

The ability for us to discuss the project in detail and have Michael throw in some nice ideas of his own is an extra bonus.

With my crazy schedule it sometimes makes web development hard and painful. With Michael that was never the case, he has thus far performed beyond my expectations and always adds his own VALUABLE ideas and quality control, which makes me feel better when I throw him tasks that I did not have lots of time to think through. In the end what matters is that I am very satisfied with the work performed thus far and hope to continue this relationship with Michael. If you are looking for a good ASP / .NET / AJAX / MSSQL developer (and I am sure he has other stuff he can do) then Michael is your man.”

-Adam West, JiveTel.com

"Michael Winner was my lead programmer for nearly 4 years. Michael combines technical skill with a positive attitude and a warm, friendly manner. In all the years Michael worked for me, he always had a positive attitude, always got the job done, and always kept our customers informed and delighted. I highly recommend Michael Winner, as talented and conscientious a programmer as you will find, with the excellent ethics, manners, and communication skills that are rare in one so technically adept.

Michael dealt directly with high-level employees of Fortune 500 companies, and he far exceeded my expectations. Michael gets my highest recommendation."
-James LeMay, Owner of Design Access, LLC

“I have known Michael both personally and professionally for a number of years and I would recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking programing services. While Michael's ingenuity and technical skills are clearly evident from his resume, he also possesses the ability to effectively communicate with his clients.

I have had the opportunity to provide hosting services to several of Michael's clients and it has offered me a unique and valuable perspective on Michael's work.

Clients often do not understand the distinction between a web programmer and a web host. As a result, I too often have had the experience of baffled, frustrated clients asking me "Why doesn't my site do what I wanted it to do?!". It's a depressingly common event for any administrator and having to explain to a client that we did not build their site and they need to contact the programmer only leads to more frustration ("but I told him from the start that I did/didn't want this!!"). The disparity between what a client says and what a programmer hears is often nothing short of surreal. Michael's combination of technical skill and his ability to listen, understand, and communicate with his clients is truly a rare thing. It translates into web applications that perform as the client wanted and expected them to.”

-David Ghedini, Co-Founder, Application Outsource UK LTD

“I was particularly impressed with the level of innovation and new ideas Michael came up with to improve the user-friendliness and key functions of my website. He went well beyond what I expected in delivering a top-notch website at a very reasonable price.”

Joel Bainerman, Founder, findnewdeals.com

“We'd be happy to make referrals to other organizations unless, of course, you don't need the 'we don't have much money' not-for-profits bugging you for work”

-Les Kniskern, TRAC